Loyalty points for loyal customers

Caffè Nibes, your good habit ...

Every 750 loyalty points, you'll get a discount coupon of 15 €!

Special offer valid for compatible Nespresso and A modo mio capsules.

Every 750 points collected, exclusively on the www.caffenibes.it website,
you'll get a discount coupon worth € 15 to be spent on our website for purchasing your Caffè Nibes capsules.

How does it work ?

  • 1. You need to reach 750 points - every item provides a given amount of points. Such value is shown below the product price and is stored on your account after each paid order.
  • 2. Upon reaching 750 points, click on apply points during the ordering phase - 750 points will thus be deducted from the amount of points collected.
  • 3. Get the discount coupon worth 15 € for your purchases, points have no expiry date.

Drinking a coffee should be a pleasure, for everyone, it should not be a privilege of few people.
Caffè Nibes is for all, for families, for those who love good things ....
Recommend us to your acquaintances, friends and relatives, Caffè Nibes is a treat!


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